Tomorrow I’m going to tell you guys about a show I’ve been watching lately. As in, I’ve watched the first two seasons over the past week and started season three last night. I have season three downloaded, but I watched season one and most of season two online. This is very cool to me. There are two sites that I’ve been using.

This is easily the better of the two sites. The quality is very good, the website is really nice, and they also have short clips from shows, if you just want to watch your favorite part. The only downside to this site is that there is advertising while viewing. In a 30 minute episode, there are three 30 second commercials disbursed. It’s a bit annoying, but it’s only 30 seconds at a time, so it comes and goes pretty quick. I haven’t done so yet, but you can also watch full movies.

This site has a really good selection of stuff. Again, I haven’t done it, but you can actually watch movies that are still in theaters, although the quality is very lacking. Although the quality of the tv shows isn’t quite as nice as on Hulu, the episodes on Surf the Channel are commercial-free, which is really nice. I watched most of the episodes of the show I’m currently into on this site.

Most of you probably already knew about these sites, and if you didn’t, you probably don’t care or won’t use them. That’s fine. But if you missed an episode of your favorite show, or have been wanting to check out some show your coworkers have been going on and on about, this is an easy and free way to do it.