I told you guys about this when Derek Webb first announced it months ago.

Well, the site’s finally up.

NoiseTrade is a site where artists are pretty much giving away their albums.

There are currently 13 albums available on the site.

I’m sure this will continue to go up.

All you have to do is either tell 3 friends about NoiseTrade,
or pay whatever you’d like to for the album.

I’m pretty sure this idea came about after Derek started giving away Mockingbird for free.

From what I’ve heard, the response was overwhelming and he made up for what he lost in music sales by selling more tickets to shows because of the new fans he gained by giving away his music for free.

Sounds like a good plan to me, and I’m glad some others are jumping on board.

If you like good/free music, check it out.


p.s. i just downloaded three albums. matthew perryman jones and katie herzig i’d heard of and i like. i also got a new guy who sounds pretty sweet named william f. gibbs. so… it works. i also got a years subscription to paste through the site. i paid 1 dollar. i know that sounds cheap, but… a. i wouldn’t have purchased it otherwise. b. the whole reason paste is doing this is to boost their numbers. magazines don’t make their money through subscriptions, they make it through ad sales, and the more people subscribed, the more they can charge for ads. so… i don’t feel bad.