The Happening

The first ten minutes or so of this movie is really creepy and makes you want to know what exactly is going on. From then on Sheena and I pretty much just laughed. Everything about this movie is just plain horrible. Especially the acting. I mean, it’s bad for a student film, and it’s a blockbuster with a pretty respectable cast. I couldn’t take anything seriously, it was just so cheesy. I’ve honestly liked every movie, for some reason or another, that Shyamalan has done. This film has changed my mind about him. If he can release a piece of crap like this, he’s not the writer/director I thought he was. Not recommended.

The Libertine

It’s hard for me to review this movie. I fell asleep… probably about half-way through. I didn’t care to go back and finish it the next day. So… that’s what I thought.