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I thought this movie was great. The first half was quite (darkly) hilarious. The last half was mostly serious and pretty intense. Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson made a great duo. The acting by everyone in the movie was top notch. This is probably one of my favorite movies of the year so far. Not one for everyone, but definitely one I’d recommend to most of my real movie lover friends.

Black Snake Moan

I think I liked this movie. I’m not positive. It was weird. Justin Timberlake was terrible. I appreciate that Samuel L. Jackson learned what it would look like if he were actually playing the guitar. I didn’t like that it seemed like everything was solved and over so quickly. Seems like these people had huge problems, but all of the sudden it was okay. The ending was a bit cheesy, too. All in all, not a bad movie, but not one I’d recommend to most people, or really care to see again.


I found out about halfway through this movie that it’s based on a video game. If you like the video game, you might possibly find this movie mildly funny. I seriously doubt that, though. I thought it was terrible. Don’t see this movie.

War, Inc.

Although quite strange, I thought this movie was really good. It’s seems to me like sort of a sequel to Grosse Pointe Blank, which I love. Both have John Cusack as an assassin, and Joan Cusack as his assistant. And both have Dan Aykroyd. That’s really the only reason I say it seems like a sequel. I pretty much like anything John Cusack does. This movie is a very funny dark comedy. If you like Grosse Pointe, or John Cusack, you’re sure to like it. Other people are allowed to like it, too.


I enjoyed this movie. It’s nothing special or deep or anything, but it was a good time. This is based on a video game that I’ve actually played. That didn’t really matter, though. It’s somewhat of a Bourne story – a hitman with a hit put out on him and he doesn’t know why. It had some good action and a pretty good plot. Nice, mindless fun.


Today was super busy. Sorry for no real post.

I have lots of new reviews for tomorrow.



As we decide we’re all ready to leave Zaxby’s.
Totally serious.

“Let’s rock and load!”
-Jamie Henderson



1: We’re not gonna make it, are we? People, I mean.
2: It’s in your nature to destroy yourselves.
1: Yeah. Major drag, huh?

Tropic Thunder

I know I’ll ruffle a few feathers with this review, but I just didn’t find this movie very funny. The idea of actors stumbling into a real life situation, believing that it’s all fake was brilliant… when it was called ¡Three Amigos! Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy the movie for the most part, but it just wasn’t anything new or brilliant. Except for Robert Downey Jr. I thought he was hilarious. He has easily become one of my favorite actors. I’ve heard from multiple sources that this is the funniest movie of the year (Jared), and I have to strongly disagree. Forgetting Sarah Marshall has my vote for that. It had me rolling. This maybe made me laugh a handful of times. I’ll definitely give this one a second viewing down the road… maybe I just missed something, or wasn’t in the right mood or something. Good – sure. Great – no way.


This site is amazing.

I’ve recommended one of these sites before, but this one blows Sonic X out of the water.

Description from the site:

“AirMp3 is a music search engine. It searches for free mp3 downloads on several music sites, and lists all results on a single page.”

One hint: I didn’t notice this for a while, but there are ads inbetween the search results, so if you search for “Song” there might be 10 results, then an ad, then 10 more results, then an ad, then ten more.

You get the idea. Just don’t forget to scroll down.

This site finds the songs I’m looking for a good majority of the time.

And it’s all free.



Stokin’ the Fire is this weekend!

You need to go!

Manchester Orchestra is playing!

If you buy advanced tickets online, they are only 20 bucks for a weekend pass!

And no service charge!

I already have mine!

Join me!

Exclamation point!


I watched this over and over. I couldn’t stop laughing. It is awesome.

*snort* KARLA!


1: Do you know what “nada” means?
2: Isn’t that a light chicken gravy?