Jason had a hotdog for lunch Monday.

He told me it was good.

He wanted me to experience it.

I then received this email:


1.  one package of hot dog weenies.  you may choose your favorite brand, but I suggest a beef weenie.
2.  one package of hod dog buns.  white or wheat, wheat is my preference.
3.  ketchup (there’s a good chance you may already have this in your fridge!!)
4.  mustard (there’s a good chance you may already have this in your fridge!!)


remove weenies from plastic wrapping.
select the number you wish to eat.  2 is usually plenty
place unwrapped weenies on a microwave friendly plate.
cook the weenies for 55 seconds.  (55 is easier than 60 because it only requires that you press one button twice rather than looking for the 6 and the 0)  If you have an easy one minute button, that will be even better.

during the time the weenies are cooking, remove the buns from the packaging… select the appropriate number of buns based on the number of weenies you selected in step 2.
open the buns (typically there is a slit in the bun to let you know you’re opening the correct side) put mustard and ketchup into the bun.  (this way the condiments don’t get all over your mouth the way they would if you put them on top of the weenie)

remove the cooked weenies from the microwave upon hearing the “done” chime and/or beep.

insert the cooked weenies into the buns.

allow proper time for cooling.


We proceeded to talk about hot dogs on AIM for the rest of the day.

I think we should all go home and try this wonderful meal that is, apparently, native to Philadelphia.