The X Files: I Want to Believe

I always liked this show, even though I was never a really big follower of it. I watched it some Sunday nights with my friend Scott after church, and always really enjoyed it, but was never let down if I missed the majority of the episodes. I really, really liked the first movie. At least what I remember. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it. Friday night Sheena, Brian, Amy and I went to check out the new one at the dollar theater. The majority of us really enjoyed it. I really liked the plot. I won’t ruin it, but it’s based on some stuff that has really happened (Nick put a video of it on his blog a good while back). There were a few parts that I was a bit confused on whether it was new to everyone in the theater, or if it was something I should know from the show/other movie. I’m thinking the former, but who knows? Unfortunately, there were a few over-the-top cheesy moments that seems really out of place and made me cringe a bit. If you like the show, or the other movie, you’re sure to like this one, too. No aliens or anything, which I think is a good thing since that’s the cop out a lot of movies have been taking lately to explain the strange things going on. Anywho, really good stuff.


This movie was a bit more graphic than I expected, but it was a really fun time. The plot ended up being pretty cool. The only downside was how unrealistic everything was. Some things were unrealistic to a point where it was still really cool and fun to just pretend it could happen, but there were a few parts that it was just silly. It was definitely an intense movie, keeping you from blinking for a good majority of the film. I was also very impressed with James McAvoy as the unlikely action hero. Recommended for people lacking weak stomachs and weak ears. A good, fun, semi-smart action movie.

Encounters at the End of the World

This is a documentary by Werner Herzog about Antarctica. It’s not just about the continent itself, but about the people who choose to live there. There are quite a few interesting characters throughout the movie. The people are definitely the best part. All in all, the movie is pretty slow and not all that great. It’s a bit interesting in parts, but mostly just okay. Definitely not in a list of the best documentaries I’ve seen. If you’re really into documentaries or Antarctica check it out, otherwise, I’d steer clear.