I love Dexter.

It is without a doubt one of the best shows ever created.

But from it’s awesomeness has come a great debate.

Who is the hotter female on the show?

Lila or Rita (alphabetical order)?

Yes, my wife knows I’m posting this.
(She’s actually a part of the debate.)

I need your vote, faithful readers.

So far, from a small few tallied, it’s neck and neck.

I won’t tell you my vote, or Sheena’s, so as to not sway anyone one way or the other.

Below are unbiased promo photos taken for the show.

(Click for larger pictures.)



I understand that if you don’t know the show, you don’t know the characters, and that would undoubtedly affect your choice, but for now we’ll have to simply go with outward appearance.

I trust you will choose wisely.