Club Dread

For the majority of this movie, I was quite underwhelmed. It was done by the Broken Lizard guys, who brought us such classics as Super Troopers, which is nothing short of amazing, and Beerfest. For the first 3/4 of this movie, to be honest, I almost turned it off a few times. The only thing it had going for it was Jay Chandrasekhar‘s ridiculous British accent. Even still, it just wasn’t anything special. The end, however, was perfect. It had a bit of a twist, a bit of gore, a bit of suspense, and a bit of hilarity, which is what they were TRYING to achieve with the whole movie. They nailed it at the end. Without the ending this movie would’ve definitely received a C, maybe even a D, but I finished it with a smile on my face (and even laughed out loud). If you like the others mentioned, I’d give this one a shot, and stick it out.


This movie is very, very graphic. I wouldn’t recommend it to most people. Sheena and I started watching it, and ended up turning it off. I did a little research on it, and found that it was based on a true story, so I decided to finish it to see what happened. It is about some friends who decided to murder one of their “friends” because he was a bully to everyone, to put it mildly. Movies based on actual events, especially things that just seem so out there, are very intriguing to me. I’m glad I finished the movie, and I immediately found articles on the murder to figure out what parts of the story were real. From what I’ve read, this movie is very true to the story. The acting and script were very lacking, but the movie itself (after you get an hour or so in) was very interesting. Again, not recommended to most, but a good movie, in a not-so-good way.


This movie was pretty good for the most part. It had a bit of a silliness factor in parts, but overall it was pretty intense. Liam Neeson is really good at being awesome and beating the crap out of everyone. Just to give you a short synopsis, since you’ve probably not heard of it, it’s about a former American spy (Neeson) who’s daughter goes on a trip to Europe and is kidnapped and sold into slave trade. Obviously, the subject matter isn’t light in the least. The plot is a bit weak at times, and the ending, although a happy one (of course), seems a bit low-key, but the meat of the story, when Neeson’s kicking butt to find his daughter, is pretty awesome. I think it’s one worth checking out.

Get Smart

I was definitely surprised with this one. It wasn’t amazing or anything, but it was quite better than I expected. I thought it would be a lot of physical comedy with no real meat. It definitely had it’s share of slap-stick moments, but the plot and the action was actually pretty good. I freakin’ love Dwayne Johnson (The Rock). I think he’s hilarious. This is definitely a good rental.