The Rocker

I expected this movie to be pretty terrible. I was pleasantly surprised. There were definitely some terribly silly parts, but most of it was pretty dang funny. I told Sheena that, since we were paying a dollar for it, if I laughed out loud 3 times it would be worth it. I probably laughed out loud 6 or 8 times. If you don’t know how to count, that’s better than 3. The main cast is mediocre (Rainn Wilson was probably the weakest link, not surprisingly), but the supporting cast is pretty awesome. Jason Sudeikis (SNL) is hilarious as the bands manager. Demetri Martin was awesome directing their first music video. And Aziz Ansari (Human Giant) had a small part as one of Rainn’s co-workers rocking out to Rainn’s former, now-super-popular rock band. Oh… and all the original songs the band played were actually pretty good. Bonus.


This movie was a good mix of depressing, quirky, and hilarious. If it weren’t for the quirky and hilarious, it would’ve been a total downer and not one to recommend, buy because of the diversity throughout, I really enjoyed it. I thought all the characters were pretty great, even the crappy ones. I think my favorite part was Andy Griffith as the owner of the diner. He was great as the cranky old man who’s really a good guy underneath. This is a good one to check out if you’re in a serious mood. And you’ll just get some comedy thrown in there, too.