First off, I’d like to share this group of blog posts written by Brian Mclaren. Just so you know, I’m not necessarily a Mclaren fan. I have nothing against him, but before these posts, I’d never even read his blog before. I also don’t consider myself a part of the “emergent church.” Again, this does not mean that I think it’s necessarily good or bad, I just don’t personally have anything to do with it. I think my “involvement” is important to point out because I don’t want you to think that I just jumped on the bandwagon with Mclaren or the “emerging church.” I just happened upon these posts and found them very helpful and informative. And I found that he says a lot of what I’m thinking a lot better than I can. So, I wanted to share:

Why I’m Voting for Obama, and Why I Hope You Will Too:

Reason 1: Framing Story

Reason 2:Leadership Integrity

Reason 3: The Least of These

Reason 4:The Environment

Reason 5: The Sacredness of Life

Because Reason 5 seems to be the major issue (at least for Christians) in this election, below are three more blogs/articles I recently read that are short, but get across the way I feel.

Pro-Life… Womb to Tomb.

I’m a Catholic, staunchly anti-abortion, and support Obama.

Why I’m Pro-Life and Pro-Obama.

And one last site with lots of information is

Just some food for thought…

I’m not much for politics talk, so this will be the last of it you’ll hear from me.