The Dark Knight

I went to see this movie again last week with David and Chris because it came to the dollar theater. I have to say, I liked it even more the second time around. I’m not sure if I noticed more, of if I wasn’t paying so much attention to Ledger or what, but it was a much better movie the second time around. There were quite a few cheesy moments that I didn’t remember being as bad as they were, but they worked, I guess. All in all, this is a great movie.

Garden Party

This is a tough one. I have to say that the movie, for the most part, was pretty interesting, but I honestly can’t see myself ever recommending it to anyone. So, when I think of it that way, it wasn’t really very good. It’s about people moving to L.A. to “make it big” or whatever, and the things they actually end up doing. If that sounds good to you, check it out, but again, not really one I’d recommend to people.

Little Children

This is another tough one. It’s a good movie, and one I actually would recommend to some, but it’s also pretty risque (as you can tell from the poster), quite depressing, and a bit creepy. It was a good story, and very well acted. I wasn’t a huge fan of most of the ending, but for the most part this was pretty good.

How To Lose Friends & Alienate People

Meh. This was nothing special. I wasn’t really impressed with anyone’s performance, and the script was just okay. I expected it to be a lot funnier than it was. Not terrible, but not really that great.