This is a somewhat tough movie to rate. Was it a great movie? No, not at all. Was I entertained? Yeah. It’s cheesy, over-the-top and gross. But it’s also somewhat suspenseful, I guess you could say. All-in-all not something I’d recommend to most people, but I don’t think it was a complete waste of time.

Devil’s Playground

I’d seen this documentary a few years back with the Norvells in TX. I thought Sheena would enjoy it, so I got it at the library last week. It’s about a period of time that starts when an Amish teen turns 16. They go through a season they call Rumspringa. At the age of 16 they are allowed to join the “English” world and do whatever they would like to realize what it’s like to not live in the Amish community. Needless to say, most of them go wild. When they are ready, the teens must decide whether they will be baptized and join the Amish church, or whether they will remain “English.” It’s an interesting look at how these teens view their new freedoms and the Amish community. This is a movie that I think most people would find very educational. It taught me more about the Amish, and the good and bad sides to their way of life.

Dear Zachary : A Letter to a Son About His Father

To say this movie is sad would be an understatement. The fact that all this happened, but I never heard about it is pretty crazy. This movie is super discouraging and super hopeful all at the same time. You can’t help but watch it and feel a lot of love. But there is also a lot of hate, a lot of heartache, a lot of injustice, and helplessness, and loss. Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse. They do. And it’s horrifying. I could go on and on, but I’ll just say that this is something worth seeing. But it’ll really mess with your head. How can people be like this?

Ghost Town

Talk about a pleasant surprise. This movie was way, way better than I expected. It wasn’t perfect by any means, but Ricky Gervais was hilarious as always. Kristen Wiig also had a small part that was very funny. I laughed out loud quite a few times, so there’s that. Probably one of the funnier movies I’ve seen this year, but it’s got a good story, too. I mean, other than the fact that he can see ghosts… But seriously, this is one I think most people would enjoy. Check it out.