Role Models

I thought this movie was pretty hilarious. Bobby J.‘s character was a bit over-the-top, but I definitely laughed more than I rolled my eyes. Paul Rudd is becoming one of my favorite comedic actors. And Jane Lynch was great and had some of the best lines in the whole movie. It’s pretty crude, but it has a nice message at the end, so that’s good. Definitely a great comedy for those not easily offended.

The Foot Fist Way

First off I just have to say that I love Danny McBride. He is also becoming one of my favorite comedic actors. That being said, I didn’t love this movie. It had some good parts, but not a lot of them. It reminded me a lot of the movie I made for my senior project. Good idea, but amateur. It’s really hard to be funny for a whole movie. And to be a type of funny that everyone will enjoy. It didn’t work for me, and it didn’t work here. Just alright.


Silly. Not that I expected any different. I’m sorry, but Kiefer Sutherland will forever be Jack Bauer. Every character he plays is Jack Bauer. Even if it’s nothing like Jack Bauer. In other words, his acting in this movie is just bad. When he plays pissed off as Jack Bauer, it works. When he plays pissed off as another character, it’s just like a bad Jack Bauer impression. I wonder if I should say Jack Bauer one more time in this review? Oh… Plus, it should be called Reflections, not Mirrors. But whatever.