“The formula behind what we’re doing is really rather simple:

  • Invite some of our favorite artists into the studio for the better part of an afternoon and have them perform a few numbers.
  • Document their performance with HD video and multitrack audio.
  • Edit. Mix. Master. Upload.
  • Lather. Rinse. Repeat.”

My good friend/exbandmate Joe Colvert wrote that. He is a co-owner of Lake Fever Productions, a studio on Music Row in Nashville. I’m proud of Joe.

Lake Fever Sessions is, obviously, a live recording of local Nashville indie bands inside Lake Fever Productions. What makes this whole thing even cooler for me is that the first band they picked to record also hits close to home. The guitarist/keyboardist Ryan Norris is also a good friend. Actually, Joe, Ryan and I all went to grade school together. Pretty cool, right? I thought so.

Even though none of you care about any of that other stuff, you should check out the sessions because they are well made and the band, The Privates, is really good.

¡Lake Fever Sessions!