I had this exact pair of shoes in Junior High.


I remember having to reluctantly get rid of them because I’d worn a massive hole in the left side of the left shoe from skateboarding. In Junior High, and part of High School (until I hit my “wearing flip flops year round” phase) I prided myself in buying ugly shoes. It always guaranteed that no one else would have them. And I feel like I was kind of know for it. Probably not. I remember for years after having the above shoes, thinking that I’d never have a better pair. They were so comfortable and once they were really warn in and faded, they were perfect. I still remember how disappointed I was when I realized they were just too far gone to wear anymore. I’m tempted to get a pair of these re-issues for old time’s sake. And to see if they’re really as comfortable as I remember. I don’t go into shoe stores all that often, but it amazes me these days when I do how many of the shoes they’re selling are shoes that either I had when I was young, or a friend did. It’s somewhat eerie to walk into a store and see shoes that I remember wanting when I was 13, but they were just way too expensive. They still are.

This is a really weird post. Those shoes just took me back. Sorry.

You can buy them here, if you want to join the Ugly Shoe Club.