I really liked this movie. Aside from having the worst soundtrack (worst!) ever, and a few scenes being a good bit over-the-top, I think the film was pretty great. (I just remembered two places in the movie where I actually liked the soundtrack. The elevator version of “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” and “Unforgettable.” The rest was just distracting and bad.) They did change the ending up a bit, which I actually ended up liking better than the book. It just seemed to make a little more sense and give you a bit more closure, I think. Going into it, I thought it might be something that only people who had read the graphic novel would enjoy, but Andy and Brian both seemed to really like it. I’m actually excited to see it again, and to see the other things they filmed to go along with it (Tales of the Black Freighter/Under the Hood). I’m so glad I finally got to see it, and glad that I wasn’t disappointed.

Quantum of Solace

This is the first Bond film to be an actual sequal. Since I haven’t seen Casino Royale in quite some time, I was pretty lost for the first bit of this movie. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t awesome, though. The first 15 minutes are pretty much non-stop action. Within the first 30, we get a car chase, and foot chase and a boat chase. Not too shabby. Action-wise, this is a great film. Plot-wise, it definitely wasn’t as in depth or interesting as Royale. It had it’s moments, but was sometimes a bit confusing and sometimes a little bland. Luckily, it never took too long for Bond to get into another fight or chase. For what it was, I really enjoyed this movie. If you like Bond, especially the new Bond, you’ll like it.