These two movies look amazing:

Where the Wild Things Are
I remember reading this story as a kid. I went back and revisited it because I didn’t remember everything that happens. Which is weird, because not much happens. The whole book is only ten sentences long. The fact that they made a full-length motion picture out of it is very intriguing to me. If anyone can make it work, Spike Jonze can. Especially since I’ve read he’s been working very closely with the author. And the trailer alone gets me a little emotional, so I don’t think there is any way this movie will disappoint.

Away We Go
This just looks like an all around good movie. It’s got such a great cast. I’m excited to see John Krasinski in a more serious role. And I love Maya Rudolph. Don’t think this one can let me down, either.



p.s. You can go here to have Where the Wild Things Are read to you.