This is a rant. It will mean nothing to you.
But you’re welcome to feel sorry for us.

I sent in our tax return in April, like most of the world.

According to said return, we are owed money.

In May I get a letter saying that we are the ones who owe money.

I make a call. The IRS has lost a form we sent.
An important one (and entered things into their system wrong…).

After a few days and a few people, I fax over the missing form.

I’m told everything will be straightened out.

We should have our money in a month.

A month passes. I call again.

This time I’m told the money has been deposited.
It clearly has not.

Upon comparing bank account numbers, the money was deposited into an account that doesn’t exist. I’m told I gave the IRS the wrong account number. This is false. I have a copy of the exact sheet of paper, with account number, sitting in front of me. It doesn’t match the account number the lady has in the system.

“Oh, someone must have entered it in wrong, then.”

Yeah, someone did.

I’m now told that we must wait for the money to be rejected by our bank.

Then the IRS will cut us a check and it will be mailed.

We should have it in a month.

That is if they don’t screw something else up in the process.

We’re hoping to have our money by 2010.

Thanks, IRS.
Take a little something out of that refund check and buy yourself something nice.