This movie was straight UP awesome. Hehe. It was sad, funny, exciting, adventurous. Just good, ‘ole fashioned fun. I liked Wall-e, but, in my opinion, this was a far superior film. We saw it in 3D, which was really cool. Not necessary to enjoy the film, but fun non-the-less. It was also a very mature film. Especially the first 10 or 15 minutes of the movie. As were were sitting there, watching, I couldn’t help but wonder what all the kids in the audience were thinking. I also wondered if all the parents in the audience were dreading the questions they’d be getting after the movie. There was only one part of the movie that I could’ve done without. I won’t give it away, but lets just say that there is a part where an unrealistic cartoon movie gets a bit too unrealistic. It’s still a fun moment in the film, but kind of took me out of the “this movie actually COULD happen (as ridiculous as it is)” mentality. All-in-all I was really impressed with the movie. It will no doubt be on my Top Ten for 2009 list. Everyone should check it out.

Partly Cloudy

This was a short that played before Up. It was really clever and fun. And in 3D. It added to the all-around great movie going experience.
A, too.

It was also really cool that the majority of the previews before the movie were in 3D.