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The new film from Wes Anderson…

…will be awesome.


The trailer for the new Coen Brothers film.

Although I haven’t been a huge fan of their last couple of efforts, I will never give up on them. They’ve made some of my favorite movies or all time.

Plus, this trailer is really clever.


I was going to update about this today, but Sheena beat me to it…

So check out her blog for the details.


If you didn’t see this last week when it was getting thrown around, you need to.
It’s awesome.

Alls you have to do is pay the farmers. And pay for the land.
But why do we have to pay for the land? The land’s free.
It’s new land. You know? I mean, do we have to pay for the land?
Do we have to pay rent? Do we have to pay? Um… the food’s free.
So we should just… sell it… at the farmer’s market.


1: ‘Allo.
2: Did you say… hello?
1: No, I said “‘allo,” but that’s close enough.

Didn’t watch any movies this week.

But I want to see this:


I made a couple of Bottle Rocket wallpapers yesterday.

I was bored.

Here they are if you’re interested.

They are 1280 x 800.




1: Why do you have the stereo on while you’re watching TV?
2: ‘Cause I like to party.