I’ve never been a big mewithoutYou fan. Just not really my style.

But I read something about their newest album somewhere (don’t remember) and it sounded intreguing, so I downloaded it. And it’s awesome.

It’s called “It’s All Crazy! It’s All False! It’s All A Dream! It’s Alright.”

Already awesome, right? Haha.

The first four songs on their Purevolume page are from the album.

The first two on there are two of my favorites.

My absolute favorite song on the album is called “Allah, Allah, Allah.”

Listen here.

The new(er) album sounds a lot different than older stuff of theirs.

At least to me, a non-fan (or used to be).

It’s a nice mix between Neutral Milk Hotel and Modest Mouse.
*Sheena says I’m wrong – it’s Neutral Milk Hotel and The Decemberists.

So, yeah… plain awesome.

Here’s the video for “The Fox, The Crow And The Cookie,” one of the best songs.


p.s. stumbled upon this “interview” with the lead singer – it’s almost 10 minutes long, but very good/interesting.