Quick and to the point. I went out this morning to head to work and noticed that my scooter was missing. Yippy. I called 911 and a super nice cops showed up about 15 minutes later. I showed him the title and insurance for the scooter and he wrote down all the information. I got to work around 9. At around 10 I got a call from said officer. They found the scooter. It was a few blocks from our house. Apparently, the thieves had stuck it under someone’s deck, and the owner of the house had shown up to do some work at the house (newly purchased, not living there yet), saw the scooter under the deck, and called the cops. My co-worker Paula offered to drive me over to go get it. We get there and it’s a bit busted up and won’t crank. Great. I don’t even want it anymore… what good is a completely trashed scooter? So I’m thinking to myself “I wish they wouldn’t have found it. At least I could’ve gotten some insurance money for it. Now it’s worth nothing.” Of course, that was a bit dramatic. The cop helps me push it to the street and I decide to try and see if I can figure out what’s wrong while we’re waiting for a someone to come with a larger vehicle to tow it off. As I’m looking, a young man with quite a grill in his mouth drives by and rolls down his window and says “are you okay? do you need some help?” I say that the scooter was stolen, and the cops just found it, but it won’t crank and I’m trying to figure out if it’s fixable. He says he has one just like it and parks and gets out. Within 2 minutes we have it fixed and cranked. Nice. I ride it home. It’s back where it was stolen, ready to be stolen again.

Anyone want to buy a scooter? It’s been nothing but bad luck for me. Time for a new home.


Oh yeah… the cop said this is the first case he’s ever had where it was solved before he even turned in the initial police report. Nice.