The Informant!

This movie was good, but a bit misleading. The trailer makes it out to be mostly a comedy. I’d disagree with that. There were some humorous parts, but mostly at the expense of the main character, who at times I just felt sorry for, and at other times just made me angry. Stylistically, the movie is great; the titles, the clothing and hair, the music. Matt Damon did a superb job of playing whistle-blower Mark Whitacre. My favorite parts of the movie were the “narrations” of what was going on in Mark’s head, while much more important things were going on around him. Although the movie wasn’t really all that long, it sure did seem long, which isn’t really a good quality in a movie. I was never bored, but I did catch myself wondering a few times how close we were to the end. Story-wise, though, this movie is pretty great/crazy. I really can’t believe it’s a true story. But it is. And that is crazy. Worth renting.