Funny People

I hadn’t heard very many good things about this movie going into it, so my expectations weren’t very high. I think that worked out to my advantage, because I ended up liking the movie. It was a bit over-the-top at times, and really long, but for the most part it’s just a good story. Everyone in the movie was fantastic, and there were a lot of parts that really made me laugh. But this isn’t a funny movie. It’s actually pretty sad. My biggest complaint is that Randy (Aziz Ansari) was a tiny character. I’ve watched all of the Randy documentary stuff on FunnyorDie, and he’s hilarious. He is supposed to represent all that is wrong with comedy today, and that makes it super funny. He was only in two scenes in this movie, and neither were funny. So, that was a letdown. Otherwise, the movie was good and worth checking out if you aren’t easily offended and like stand-up comedy enough to want to know what it may be like in their real lives. Definitely better than expected.