The Lovely Bones

Ugh… this movie was a wreck, which was quite a disappointment because it looked like it was going to be great. It really seemed like the script writer was a schizophrenic. There was just so much randomness. And it was directed by Peter Jackson. Yeah, the Lord of the Rings guy. I know, I know, how could it be bad? It honestly seemed like two different movies stuck together, one of which had pretty great potential, and the other of which was horrible. The horrible movie was like a really bad version of What Dreams May Come, but with pretty crappy looking special effects. There were also so many parts in this movie that just didn’t fit at all, in either of the seemingly two films taking place. One example: there is a scene where the grandmother comes to live with the family to help out around the house, and there is an upbeat, funny(?) montage of her messing up all of the household chores with a drink and cigarette in her hand. There is not one single other comedic part to this movie. It was so very out of place. The only real redeeming thing in this movie is Stanley Tucci. He makes a really good creepy guy. As you can tell, I don’t recommend this movie. Not a good start to 2010.