The Fourth Kind

I thought this movie was super unique and just really great. As we watched, I had a hard time believing it was a true story, as the trailer/marketing/intro says, but I tried to keep an open mind. Some of the “actual” footage seemed a little too staged to me, but to be honest, I still got really caught up in the story. Even thought it isn’t really a true story, it’s a great movie and made unlike anything else I’ve seen. It is quite freaky and disturbing in parts, and I think most people who don’t like it, just don’t like it because they were misled. But I think that adds to the enjoyment. Sheena and I had a good time with this movie, and I think it is still a good movie, even if you go into it knowing the “real” footage isn’t “real.”

I typed out the reviews for the movies below this past weekend, then wordpress decided saving them would be no fun. So, the reviews you now see are more quick and concise (not that most of my reviews aren’t that way anyway), but you get the point.


Thanks to the trailer, this movie doesn’t have a whole lot of surprise to it, other than the fact that it was actually still good. The acting was fantastic, and the story was good, even if (mostly) predictable. It was a little lower key and slower than I expected, but not at all in a bad way. Definitely worth checking out.

Sorority Row

I’m not a big fan of horror movies. And this is a horror movie. But it wasn’t all bad. The best thing about it was that Sheena and I had a hard time figuring out “who dun it.” It’s gory and silly (not on purpose) and all that horror stuff. If you like that, go for it!