The Princess and the Frog

We went to the dollar theater to see this with Reid and Ashley tonight. I guess my main comment is that this is very obviously a Disney film. That’s not a bad thing, just an observation. The animation was excellent and very “classic” Disney style. The story was good, and the songs were pretty clever and fun. My favorite song was sung by Mama Odie and a bunch of birds. This movie had the scary villain that is typical of Disney movies, although I think this villain might be the scariest one yet. The story takes place in New Orleans (fitting that we watched it on Fat Tuesday), so all the bad stuff that goes on is because of some crazy voodoo. This villain mixed with all the voodoo makes for some really creepy scenes. I’m not sure this is something I’d want a young kid to see. I didn’t find the movie all that funny, either (though they tried at times), although my favorite character, a lightening bug named Raymond, was pretty darn humorous. This is definitely not anywhere close to my favorite Disney movie, but I was never bored and had a good time with it.