Gentlemen Broncos

First, let me just say that I’m a fan of Jared Hess’s movies. I loved Napoleon Dynamite when I first saw it, and I loved Nacho Libre ever more. I know this puts me in a pretty small group of people, but I find the absurdness of the characters and stories quite funny. I mean, they are dumb, and I take them for what they are. That being said, Gentlemen Broncos falls right in line with Hess’s other two movies. It’s stupid, the characters are outcasts and way behind the times (whatever time they’re in), and the jokes are either super obvious or way out there. And I’m okay with that. This movie is definitely kept afloat by Jemaine Clement as the sci-fi author Chevalier. And Sam Rockwell is hilarious as the main character of the book (and movie) within the movie. Look, if you didn’t like the other two movies mentioned, you won’t like this one. If you did, you probably will, although it’s a little more out there. My only real complaint is that there are a few jokes that just seem a little too immature and easy and could’ve been left out. For what it’s worth, I (and the MZLs) enjoyed myself.