Talhotblond is a documentary about an internet love triangle that ends in murder. But that’s just the beginning. I don’t know that I’d recommend this movie to many people, but it was definitely interesting. There were parts that were a little too graphic and should’ve been left out, and I wasn’t a fan of how they decided to narrate it, but it’s a well-done documentary, and there are some pretty crazy surprises. Again, not recommended for most, but definitely interesting if you think it might be something you’d want to see.

Mystery Team

I’ve been wanting to see this for a little while. It’s by the internet comedy group Derrick Comedy, which includes Donald Glover (Troy from Community). I think Donald is hilarious, and most of the groups stuff I’ve seen is pretty funny, so I thought this might be worth seeing. It’s definitely low budget, and it got way more raunchy than I expected it to in parts (glad it was just me and Sheena watching), but it turned out to be pretty funny at times. It’s about a group of three friends who started a detective agency when they were 7, and are still solving crimes about stolen milk money and missing dogs even though they are 18. Until a little girl asks them to solve a murder! OOOO! I wouldn’t recommend this to most people. I think it’d only be funny to a small few, and when it gets rough, it gets really rough, but for the most part I thought it was a decent, silly little movie.


Of these movies, this is probably the one I’d recommend the most, but I still really wouldn’t recommend it. It was suspenseful at times, and interesting at times, but it’s mostly just kind of chaotic. It’s about a terrorist who places three nuclear bombs in three major U.S. cities, the guy they hire to torture him (Samuel L. Jackson playing Samuel L. Jackson), and the agent who’s against torture but needs to be there for some reason (conflict!). It’s interesting to try and figure out who has control, and who really knows what’s going on, but in the end it just isn’t satisfying. And the last 15 minutes or so are just so crazy and jumbled that the ending just doesn’t seem to matter or work or whatever. It’s a good ride for a little while, but in the end just isn’t really worth it.