Lets be honest, this movie isn’t going to win any Oscars, and if you don’t know that going in, you probably shouldn’t be seeing it in the first place… that being said, this movie was surprisingly funny. There were quite a few moments where they took things too far, and I could’ve done without most of that (though still quite funny), and there were some periods where it seemed to go too long without a solid laugh, but I have to say that all of us (me, Sheena, Amy and Brian) laughed out loud pretty steadily throughout the movie. I left the theater thinking it was better than I expected, but not great, and I’m sticking with that, but I have a feeling this might be one of those movies that gets funnier the more you watch it, so I will be seeing it again at some point. It also helps make the movie funnier when, about 15 minutes after it starts, a 110 year old woman walks in and sits on your row. She must’ve thought it was a MacGyver movie or something… but just thinking about what she must be thinking about most of the stuff going on made it twice as funny.