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Quick and to the point. I went out this morning to head to work and noticed that my scooter was missing. Yippy. I called 911 and a super nice cops showed up about 15 minutes later. I showed him the title and insurance for the scooter and he wrote down all the information. I got to work around 9. At around 10 I got a call from said officer. They found the scooter. It was a few blocks from our house. Apparently, the thieves had stuck it under someone’s deck, and the owner of the house had shown up to do some work at the house (newly purchased, not living there yet), saw the scooter under the deck, and called the cops. My co-worker Paula offered to drive me over to go get it. We get there and it’s a bit busted up and won’t crank. Great. I don’t even want it anymore… what good is a completely trashed scooter? So I’m thinking to myself “I wish they wouldn’t have found it. At least I could’ve gotten some insurance money for it. Now it’s worth nothing.” Of course, that was a bit dramatic. The cop helps me push it to the street and I decide to try and see if I can figure out what’s wrong while we’re waiting for a someone to come with a larger vehicle to tow it off. As I’m looking, a young man with quite a grill in his mouth drives by and rolls down his window and says “are you okay? do you need some help?” I say that the scooter was stolen, and the cops just found it, but it won’t crank and I’m trying to figure out if it’s fixable. He says he has one just like it and parks and gets out. Within 2 minutes we have it fixed and cranked. Nice. I ride it home. It’s back where it was stolen, ready to be stolen again.

Anyone want to buy a scooter? It’s been nothing but bad luck for me. Time for a new home.


Oh yeah… the cop said this is the first case he’s ever had where it was solved before he even turned in the initial police report. Nice.

Ashley found this gem, and it’s more than awesome:


this will probably be super scatterbrained, but it’s an actual, real-life update… so that counts for something, right?

last night (well, this morning) SUCKED!

not tv night, mind you. tv night was great. the MZLs and the Davis clan came over and we enjoyed a great time of pizza, funny television, crying babies, and yapping dogs. it seriously was a good time.

then the power went out. at 9:15. right in the middle of Sunny. but this isn’t where the night got bad, either. the MZLs were still over, and we just sat around with a lantern and talked. it was a good time, too.

then the MZLs left and sheena and i decided to just go on to bed since it was pitch black. sheena sat and did crossword puzzles by lantern light, and i went to sleep. it was storming out, so i opened the window and it cooled off the room and the sound of rain made going to sleep quite pleasant.

then… then the dog started barking. ALL. NIGHT. LONG. not one of our dogs. a neighbors dog. outside. in the storm. ALL. NIGHT. LONG. needless to say, i didn’t get much sleep.

sheena had to be at work at 6, so she got up around 4:30, i’m assuming. all i know is that i woke up around 5 and my arms were itching like crazy. i’ve been digging a lot in the yard and have chigger bites and/or poison ivy all over my arms. i look like a leper. and they wouldn’t stop itching. i got up and put stuff on them, but just couldn’t go back to sleep. so i just laid there. then sheena left. and i laid there some more.

the power finally came back on at 6:30. so i just got up and did some stuff around the house. i doctored my wounds a bit. played with the dogs a bit. and got ready to leave. as i got in my car and drove down the street, i couldn’t help but think that i’d forgotten something. then it hit me, i didn’t brush my teeth or put deodorant on or anything. so i went back home. and then i was late for work. the end.


p.s. the dog was STILL barking when i left the house.

it makes me sad thinking about how awesome places like this used to be…


so, i’ve been slacking on the blog as of late…

i think it’s because i’ve just run out of steam when trying to keep up with the schedule i made for myself a while back.

at the time, it worked wonders because it had me posting something every weekday during a time when i was never posting.

now the opposite is happening. if i don’t have anything to post that fits the schedule, i don’t post.

so, that whole experiment is overwith now.

back to posting randomness at random times.
possibly even multiple times a day.

i’m sure i’ll still post a lot of silly youtubeness, and maybe even still do the occational mmqm if anyone wants to play along.

so that’s where i am.

This is a rant. It will mean nothing to you.
But you’re welcome to feel sorry for us.

I sent in our tax return in April, like most of the world.

According to said return, we are owed money.

In May I get a letter saying that we are the ones who owe money.

I make a call. The IRS has lost a form we sent.
An important one (and entered things into their system wrong…).

After a few days and a few people, I fax over the missing form.

I’m told everything will be straightened out.

We should have our money in a month.

A month passes. I call again.

This time I’m told the money has been deposited.
It clearly has not.

Upon comparing bank account numbers, the money was deposited into an account that doesn’t exist. I’m told I gave the IRS the wrong account number. This is false. I have a copy of the exact sheet of paper, with account number, sitting in front of me. It doesn’t match the account number the lady has in the system.

“Oh, someone must have entered it in wrong, then.”

Yeah, someone did.

I’m now told that we must wait for the money to be rejected by our bank.

Then the IRS will cut us a check and it will be mailed.

We should have it in a month.

That is if they don’t screw something else up in the process.

We’re hoping to have our money by 2010.

Thanks, IRS.
Take a little something out of that refund check and buy yourself something nice.


If you haven’t seen Jon Stewart’s interview of Jim Cramer, you probably should. You can watch the entire, uncensored video here. I’ve never seen Stewart so serious. And rightly so. Good stuff. Watch.


I hate painting.

I love that there is an end in sight.


And it’s finally back!

I also love Jason.

But hate that he lives like a million miles away.

He has new glasses.

The end.