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This is beyond awesome.

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The American Budget Network Video 4

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Timelapse of mural painted by Allen Hampton for Jason and Haley Harmon’s block party / wedding in Fishtown Philadelphia 9-26-09. Painted entirely in Aerosol.

(Actual time 10 hours… divided into two days.)

Allen Rules.

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This guy is cool.

More Tiny Houses.
I like the Weebee.


I recommend celebrating Thanksgiving today.


i made myself a new blog.
check it out…its blogtastic!

i hope you all love it.


In Cold Blood (1967)

This review might be a little better, but it took me 2 or 3 weeks to actually finish this movie. It seemed like every time I tried to watch it, I’d either get tired and turn it off, or something else would come up. I think i restarted it 3 times. And even after the 3rd restart, it took me a few days to watch it all. So, I would have to say, the movie is too long. Other than the fact that it’s long, and a bit dated, it was pretty good. My main complaint is that it seems to lose a little steam towards the end. If you want to know the story, though, I’d recommend Capote instead. It’s awesome. And the book is super good. I guess what I’m saying is, after you’ve read the book, and seen Capote, if you’re still interested in seeing someone else’s vision of what went down, check it out. But definitely make it 3rd on your list.


do i procrastinate?
someone tell me.
its 4am and i am still up writing a paper.
its due today at 11…i still have a few pages to write.
i feel sick and shaky…i hate that i do this.

sheena p.